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Little Dreamer for the iOS has quickly become a iOS classic, after it’s release back in July. If you haven’t yet heard of Little Dreamer, you can check out our review here. If that looks enticing to you, then I have good news for you.

Althi Inc. has teamed up with Capsule Computers and we will be giving away 20 copies of the brilliant jumping iOS game, Little Dreamer. All you have to do is following these two simple steps below and you are in the running to win:

1. Like Althi Inc. and Capsule Computers Facebook pages.

2. Tell us in 25 words or less, “What is the wildest dream you’ve ever had?”

If you want a taste of what Little Dreamer is like, you could always check out Little Dreamer LITE which is available for free, however it is not the full game. Also if you just want to purchase the full game, Althi Inc. have lowered the price from $1.99 to $0.99.

The competition ends on the 18th of September when winners will be announced. So be sure to get in quick, before time runs out, for your chance to win a copy of Little Dreamer!

Senior Editor & Anime Specialist
  • Cellophane Girl

    25 words or less for the Wildest dream? Oh man. I have had so many strange dreams (but a lot are to violent or “adult” so I’ll skip over those). Okay here goes….

    I once had a dream that I met the entire band “No Doubt”. I was really excited to see them because I had gone to hang out with them and I had brought them a gift. Not just any gift though. It was a car that I had painted sea-foam green, and put Kermit the frog all over it. They loved the car so we all got in and cruised around. I also remember there being a hammock hanging in the back, and the drummer was taking a nap there while we drove around.

    Okay not the WILDEST, but like I said, I can’t get my craziest dreams in because of graphic violence, or adult themes, or just flat out they would take to long to explain. (I used to keep a dream journal)

    Thanks for another awesome contest!

    • Cellophane Girl

      That was way more than 25 words. Okay to sum it up…

      “I met No Doubt, gave them a car that was painted sea-foam green with Kermit the frog on it, and we cruised around.”

  • alee

    I once dreamed that the crew from ST:TNG was scattered throughout time and I had to help find them all and bring them back together.

  • rann78

    Dream of being a cowboy with Martin McFly having beer with me at the bar.

  • Brian Staulcup

    When I was a kid, I had a dream that a lady with long fingernails was trying to put me in an oven!

  • Inoone

    the wildest dream I’ve ever had is tornado is attacking my town and I’m gonna tie myself with the beam under the highway bridge!

  • blakehu

    Flying like superman and saving my girl friend from a big gorilla.

  • April Tisdell

    Well im going to try and sum up one of my craziest dreams so here goes:

    I once had a dream paris hilton threw a phone at my head, so i punched her in the face and then ran away with my friend.

    LOL yeah was pretty wild :/

  • Jai Jackson

    :33 Ooooh iPhone~

    25 words or less? Ok! Well I do remember this one dream!

    I was jumping around on these platforms and there was water with these weird looking fish things swimming around in it and I got to this huge round glowing platform! In a blink of an eye I was being dragged under the water by there weird grey lumps of flesh (I can’t exactly remember what they looked like XD) I was sort of like wrapped around the neck by a weird pulsing… Fin?

    It got darker and darker and then everything was black and I remember just like, floating there.. The fish thing was gone and there was nothing. Pretty sure I was crying and I heard laughing. Little yellow lights appeared and I stared at them for AGES. Then I woke up. O_O Weirdest. Dream. I can remember. I’ve actually had the dream quite a few times..

    In short= Was platform jumping and a big grey fish pulled me down into water by my neck everything went black and little laughing yellow lights appeared.

    • Cellophane Girl

      NOT iPhone. iPhone GAME.

      BIG difference. 😉 Hope you aren’t disappointed if you win.

      • Cellophane Girl

        Disregard that. I see from Facebook that you know it’s for the game. Sorry. There was someone who thought it was for an iPhone though, so I was trying to make sure you didn’t get your hopes up.

        • Jai Jackson

          ^w^ Haha

  • eyes3x3

    the game title make me associate my little daughter. she is so cute and lovely. ^_^

    • Cellophane Girl

      Tell them about a dream you had and you could win a copy of the game. 😀

  • Lisa

    okay dream?

    This is INSANE

    Rabots Vs Aliens. They both were building a tower, both towers fell into eachother and they started fighting in the are while holding on to the towers.

    Me Johnny depp and michele obama watched, when suddenly she took out a knife and hacked into my Arm, i ran away into the ocean…and woke up.

    wtf right!

    • Lisa

      sum it up >.<

      Aliens and robots fighting in the air on fallen down towers while Michelle obama is trying to kill me and johnny depp watched.

  • Chasing a crawling zombie try to break its ankles with a rock. It eventually SPRINTED off.

  • Ryan

    The weirdest dream I’ve dreamnt was of one where I was standing in front of a long red staircase and every time I finished climbing it I’d find myself in front of another one:(

  • Grant L.

    I had a dream my little sister was a two-faced monster and I was contracted to kill her. I couldn’t do it.

  • Jon

    Fought in ww2, turned into a transformer.

  • Jragon

    Being on a boat with the Power Rangers which later sunk because they were stupid enough to summon their megazoid.

  • Richard

    I once had a dream I was god, woke up and i’m still god

  • DollFishu

    “I dreamt I was in the “Die By the Sword” video game as a Skeleton-Orc hybrid. ‘Twas a tough fight but I managed to lop the Minotaur’s head off!”

    I can’t believe I even remember this dream considering I dreamt about it more than a a decade ago xD It’s actually longer than that with much more epic scenes. Slow-mo was even involved =D

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