Haka-tastic Rabbids celebrate the Rugby World Cup

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I have to extend thanks to Ubisoft for brightening up a rainy Saturday with this gem of a video! Those Raving Rabbids get everywhere, and now it’s the Rugby World Cup’s turn for some barmy little bunny action. In honor of this years Kiwi hosts the Rabbids have got their own, shall we say, unique, version of the All Black’s haka.

The next title in the popular party game series is due for release in November this year, and Raving Rabbids Alive and Kicking is the first to be developed specifically for use with the Xbox 360’s Kinect. It’s such a perfect match of hardware and IP it’s a wonder it’s taken this long for the game to materialise, and from the media released so far Alive and Kicking looks set to be a great bit of multiplayer silliness.

Check out the bizarre but wonderful video below…

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