Dexter Season 6 Guest Stars Revealed In New Trailer

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Showtime has released a trailer via their Youtube Chanel, revealing a variety of new friends and foes that our favorite vigilante serial killer will encounter in Dexter season 6. The video includes various scenes from upcoming episodes as well as revealing some vital plot points for the first time. Among these include footage of hip-hop MC turned actor Mos Def as Brother Sam, Colin Hanks and Edward James as Travis Marshall and Professor Gellar who are this seasons’ main antagonists, Aimee Garcia as Angel’s little sister Jamie Batista, and Billy Brown as a new addition to the Miami Homicide Department, Mike Anderson who’s personality appears to be quite a lot like James Doakes from the first two seasons.

Amongst all the vital information revealed, two really important things are told: fruit roll-ups make Harrison fart, and I could be mistaken but I believe one scene depicts Aimee saying she had entered the room with the intention of giving Debra a ‘goodnight kiss’? Fingers crossed on that one! Season six is set to premiere on Sundays starting October 2 at 9PM eastern standard time on Showtime.

Matt Vella. Capsule Computers’ Community Manager. I say ‘Laters’ a lot.

  • Can’t wait, it’s probably my favourite show on TV at the moment! Been re-watching the first five seasons over the past few months to get back up to speed, and it’s only made me love it more.

    I’ll be done with season five by October, hopefully they fast-track season six to Foxtel.

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