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UTV Ignitions’s latest iOS title for the iPhone & iPad – Quarrel Deluxe combines great elements from such classic games as Scrabble and Risk.  Today we have a fifteen minute run through on gameplay.

To give you a brief overview – In Quarrel, players control territories filled with various troops where the main goal is to crush their opposition’s territories with your vocabulary skills alone. Who said you need swords, grenades, tanks or AK-47’s to conquer the world, in Quarrel you can whack your enemies into submission simply by creating a better / higher scoring word. Sometimes.  Whoever can dominated the entire map is then declared the winner. It sounds rather simple, but definitely different compared to what we usually see released in the genre. Developed by Denki and published by UTV Ignition, Quarrel combines a great blend of strategy and word skill that will keep your mind sharp and ready for action.  Quarrel Deluxe is out now  iPad/iPhone for $4.99. (Buy Now)


  • 4 fun ways to play: Quick Match, Make Match, Domination and the global Daily Challenge.
  • Unlimited replay through the distinctive skills and play styles of 9 opponents combined with the unique strategic challenges of 12 different islands and thousands of anagrams.
  • Tweet magic moments such as amusing word coincidences and share your glories through Facebook.
  • Dictionary definitions for all 114,000+ words (Collins Official SCRABBLE Dictionary” 2nd Edition 2007)
  • Handy personal and public records with over a dozen compelling Game Center Leaderboards (including exclusive clubs).
  • Plus! Over three-dozen excellent Game Center Achievement badges to collect.

“Conquer the islands of Quarrel with your wits not your brawn, lay the smack down on your enemies with deadliest weapon ever created… your mind.”

Check out the screens and gameplay below

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