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Editor-in-Chief: MasterAbbott

Another week gone…l haven’t done much gaming, but I was lucky enough to get some hands-on and play a few hours of Driver San Francisco and Call Of Juarez Cartel multiplayer over at Ubisoft offices here in Sydney.  Check out both of our previews here and here.  As always I’ve been playing with my 3DS, I’ve nearly finished Shantae which I recommend anyone that’s got a 3DS (or on DSi, you can pick it up from the Virtual Store).  I have also been playing some Resident Evil Mercs as well. It’s not a bad game and you can check out our review of it here. It’s something to keep us all busy till Resident Evil Revelations comes out next year. I’ve bought a few games on Steam (even though I have them already on my consoles) as they’re so cheap I couldn’t resist…I might end up playing them one day.

That’s it for me. I’ll see you all again next week. Remember, play hard or don’t play at all!

Senior Editor: Dustin Spencer

This week I finally finished Mystery Case Files: The Malgrave Incident for the Nintendo Wii. It is pretty much like all other hidden object games we see released on the PC, but the combination of a point and click adventure was done rather well and the story is actually well made, which I guess was a bit of a surprise considering the genre. I have also been working on Super Street Fighter IV: Arcade Edition, which is about the same as every other SF release, but with extra characters and a few new trials, characters, and new achievements. Earth Defense Force: Insect Armageddon is also a fantastic new release so far, and while it’s just a shooter with bugs, it still feels well made and completely polished.

I also have been doing a bit of iPad gaming as of late, as I finally got my first Apple product ever. I am not crazy for some of the controls on the console ports, but the casual titles in the marketplace perform near flawlessly from what I have downloaded so far. On the 3DS, I have been working on a bit more Resident Evil: Mercs as well as Shantae: Risky’s Revenge to finish off the week of gaming.

Senior Editor: Jed Bradshaw

This week I celebrated Bungie Day by playing Halo: Reach of course.  I won a 30,000 cR jackpot, but I didn’t get to play with any of the Bungie employees.  I did buy an avatar t-shirt for charity though!  Woohoo.  By the way MasterAbbott, Halo eats Gears for breakfast!

Other than Halo though, I played MLB Bobblehead Pros for review. You can check out my feelings for it in a review that will hit soon.  So far though, the game feels like a really well designed baseball sim.  The bobblehead part of the game is a gimmick for sure, but the rest of it is very hardcore.  Buy it if you like playing actual baseball and not just arcade baseball.
Finally, I have been addicted to Angry Birds on my Windows Phone.  There is nothing better than finally having a reason (achievements) to get 3 stars on a level.  Its still the same ole awesome game, except for $2.99.  Oh well, achievements are worth it.

Editor: Kyle Moore

This week I have been sticking with my portable gaming. I’ve played the odd bit of Tiny Tower, like I am sure most iOS users have been over the past few weeks. Essentially I just check it twice a day, but that counts as playing right? even if it is only for 1 minute a day? Great! Apart from that I have been playing Swords and Soldiers on my iPhone, which is a fun little battle game, expect a good review of it coming in the near future. You can also expect another review from me about a little 3DS game called Sports Island 3D. So far I am not overly impressed, it has some redeemable features, but overall it is a little dull. I am still hoping to stumble on some really awesome hidden game play feature that makes me jump up and say YES! but time will tell. I have also been getting into the Steam sales, which (at the time of writing) end in I think three hours. By the time you read this, it will be over and I hope that you all got a good haul! So far the only game I have played from my collection is Lume, which I was blown are by, despite it being a really small game. I finally got my hands on Portal 2. It is currently downloading, but hey, it should be pretty nice, and can have a nice little feature spot on next weeks “what are we playing”. That pretty much sums up my slow but substantial weekly game play.

Editor: Matt Vella

This week I had the pleasure of visiting Ubisoft’s Sydney office with MasterAbbott and LinkageAX, where we got to try out some multiplayer builds for Driver: San Francisco on Playstation 3 and Call of Juarez: The Cartel on Xbox 360. Both games were big chunks o’ fun and are looking great, Ubisoft never disappoint! You can see my hands on, in-depth preview/impressions here, and LinkageAx’s impressions here. I also had Blue Valentine on Blu-Ray playing which I reviewed here. An amazing indie romance film, not usually my thing but the direction and acting is beyond superb and just blew me away. If you don’t believe me when I say how good it is, just ask our editor Kelly who is currently Blu-Ray deprived, and therefore is planning to steal my PS3 and copy of the film!

As for gaming I’m mostly on the iPhone at the moment, going nuts on Street Fighter IV: Volt Battle Protocol which is nothing short of a masterpiece. I’m more than impressed with it’s Wi-Fi capabilities, controls, content, sound, graphics….so far it seems almost flawless! I MUST own game for fighting fans with iPhones, expect a review up within the next day or two. On top of that, I just bought an Angry Birds cover for my iPhone, so that got me playing a lot of Angry Birds, and now I’m addicted again. It’s only a matter of time until one of my family members call an intervention…

Editor: Jared Hilliers

So here we are again, I’m possibly still playing the same games since the last time I did this as I haven’t finished them, I’m determined to finish games I start these days. I don’t want a pile of shame anymore and it’s hard to avoid being sucked into the hype, buying the game, spending a few hours on it then losing interest because of the next big thing or a fail attention span. So right now I’m towards the end of LA Noire, Portal, Dragon Age and Assassins Creed: Brotherhood is on the do list. There’s alot on the plate, but I have limited time, I use it carefully. Luckily I can’t really think of anything that’s come out lately that I actually want, other than Portal 2, I’m still behind the release calender. How does anyone keep up?

Editor: Jack Joly

Without anything to review this week, my gaming has been fairly sporadic, namely putting into some time on Lazy Raiders on Xbox Live Arcade to complete it as part of my achievement challenge. Other than that, this week I’ve briefly played some tables on Williams Pinball Classics, and visited my Nintendo DS courtesy of copies of Pokémon Platinum that I picked up recently.

Editor: Jorel Alvarez

This week, I borrowed some of my brother’s games and ended up playing Resident Evil 5. I did the co-op and considering I’m kind of a scaredy-cat, I usually panicked when the zombies came out to get us. Panicking for me means confusion, plus fingers moving crazily by themselves, plus shouting foul language; this equals to basically the brink of death. Thankfully my partner is pretty attentive and heals me before dying ( I know, how embarrassing). For me, playing Resident Evil 5 is like my relationship with roller coasters. I’m game and courageous trying to convince people to go on the ride with me, but as the start of the line approaches, fright starts creeping in and I start sweating, shaking and hyperventilating!  All in all, the game was thrilling and fun.

Editor: Luke Halliday

Oh it’s that time of the week again eh? Well I have been playing a few things this past week. One Piece for the GBA enjoyed a large amount of play-time from me, as I Gum-Gum Kicked some pirate ass, in what is one of the most underappreciated titles for the GBA. It was indeed a hidden gem on the handheld that a lot of people neglected due to the stigma attached to the series at the time, because of the dreadful 4kids dub of the anime series.

I’ve also cracked into Game Dev Story for iOS at the request of my fellow editors. It has in the span of a day and half stolen my soul, dreams and heart. I am freaking obsessed with this, so much that as I type this I am playing it with my other hand. My game just won game of the year guys! Take that Indendro with your god damn Super Sergios Bros.!

All kinds of awesome :) That's all you need to know.

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