Rebecca Black releases new single, My Moment


Rebecca Black went from spoilt rich girl to even more spoilt and even more rich girl in what is without a doubt one of the most beautiful tales of triumph against all odds. Black rose from the mediocrity of priveleged Los Angeles life with nothing but a $4000 cheque from her mother in hand and used it to propel her unrivaled vocal talents to become one of the most famous pop-sensations in recent history. She is indeed a modern day Rocky Balboa. Congratulations Rebecca, you truly are an inspiration to the human race world-wide.

Black has now finally released her much anticipacted follow up to her world-wide smash-hit Friday with a equally daft and souless song, My Moment. Black seems to be giving a big ole’ shout out to all her haters who doubted her when she said her mother would give her 4000 dollars if she had some spare pocket change. So if you hated on Black, well you better take it back guys, because this is her moment! Whether the moment she speaks of is on a Friday is still to be confirmed but you can check out the latest music video for yourself below. Look’s like Black is Back!

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  • jaypea360

    WTF is this world coming to. A talentless rise to fame like this is just wrong.

    Yes I’m a hater, and I will continue to ignore the mainstream crap that this is.

    Sorry for being negative on your article.

    • Luke Halliday

      Haha, my article is nothing but negativity, however thinly vieled. So please don’t mind me, hate on!

      • jaypea360

        I did see a bit of underlying hate. I just did not want to look like a D bag. Let the hate roll on LOL.

        • Luke Halliday

          Haha yes let it roll!

  • A dog on the internet

    For analysis reasons, does anyone know the exact time the video went up? The comments and ratings on it are increasing at a high rate, so I was curious for analytical reasons.

    • Luke Halliday

      Sometime today, thats the best answer I can give sorry.

  • I don’t think she intended to become so successful as an internet meme moreso than a singer, but any publicity is good publicity, right?

    The answer is no.

    • Luke Halliday

      She is just dreadful, full-stop. She doesn’t deserve the fame she has, far more talented musicians dwindle in the realm of average to no fame whereas she achieves global fame with no talent what so ever. It’s pathetic really.

      • Cellophane Girl

        She only got popular because she was terrible. That kind of fame is not sustainable. She’ll be washed up and pregnant before she gets out of high school.
        So at least there’s that. X]

        • Luke Halliday

          Sounds like a likely prediction of her life.

  • All i can say about this is burn it with fire

    • jaypea360

      I think she is the devil, fire wont work.

  • Nothing but $4,000? What I wouldn’t give to have my parents write me a check for 4G. Geez, it must be so hard… especially when you can barely get through the days of the week without the help of your friends.

    Ahhh, my heart bleeds for my 2 year old niece. She will grow up with this stuff being popular… and I thought N’Sync was bad when I was 12 ;(

  • Im actually upset because this song doesn’t completely suck. lol

    • Luke Halliday

      Matty you be trolling!

  • jaypea360

    This might actually be a good thing.

    Now we get all the hilarious parodies to actually entertain us.

    • Luke Halliday

      Too right, I cant wait for Gang Fight Part 2! This is a Gang Fight! a Gang Fight!

      • The gang is down to fight, yeah, have a brought this chicken for us to thaw[…]

  • Cellophane Girl

    It’s far to early in the morning for me to watch this video.
    Though I don’t think there is ever a “good” time to watch a Rebecca Black video.

    Nothing can be as awful as “Friday”, so I’m sure I’ll be disappointed in this video. Think I’ll avoid it so as not to give her any money from ad revenue from me.

    • Luke Halliday

      You are probably best never watching it.

  • This is a brilliant article. Love it.

    • Luke Halliday

      Haha thanks 🙂

  • Daniel

    She is amazingly thick skinned. You deserves to make it ! Her new song is very good.

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