Namco Bandai suing over Witcher 2 European publishing change

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Apparently Namco Bandai is suing the parent company of CD Projekt Red, Optimus SA, over the publishing rights on European consoles for The Witcher 2: Assassins of Kings. The claim of for this lawsuit states that Optimus failed to meet the commitment they made with Namco Bandai when they handed the distribution rights of the Xbox 360 version of the game over to THQ in parts of Europe.

Namco Bandai owns the European distribution section of Atari after they bought it in 2009. Optimus SA on the other hand says that they only agreed to a deal with Namco over the PC version of the game and had not said anything about a console release, leaving them free to choose their distributor. Additionally Namco Bandai says that CD Projekt Red violated their agreement with the company when they removed the DRM off of all versions of The Witcher 2.

Because of this, Namco is withholding $1.8 million in payment to the company and this fact doesn’t bother Optimus SA president Adam Kicinski one bit. According to a quote obtained by Gamepur </strong>Adam said “Our liquidity situation is very good. Therefore, the lack of a few million does not have any leverage on current activities. Withholding of payments means only that for some time, our partner will have to give us the money with interest.” From this statement it seems that Optimus SA believes that they will have no trouble winning the case, with Adam going on to say that Optimus will most likely win the case in court and “then the loser will pay for our lawyers.”

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