Robin may be playable in Batman: Arkham City via Best Buy pre-order

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In an effort to push gamers to buy a product from their store, many companies have begun to pay extra money to developers for exclusive content. It appears that Batman: Arkham City won’t avoid this pre-order scramble as Best Buy has leaked that there will be a playable Robin in a certain segment of Batman: Arkham City.

Apparently when you pre-order Batman: Arkham City from Best Buy you will receive a code to download the Best Buy exclusive Robin character to use in two challenge maps. These maps sound similar to the PlayStation 3 exclusive maps that allowed players to play as the Joker. We have contacted Warner Brothers Interactive to see what they say about this possible information leak, meaning this could still be untrue at the moment. Though if it is true, will it just be Batman in Robin’s outfit or a smaller actual unique looking character? Time will tell.

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