Portal 2 Sixense Motion Pack released for $140

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If you are a big fan of Portal 2 on the PC then you may want to keep reading. Portal 2 and the Razer have teamed up and are going to be offering a new Portal 2 DLC package exclusive to anyone who owns a PC. Well anyone who owns a PC and the new Sixense motion controller device that Razer recently released.

Also you are going to have to be willing to pay $140 for the content. The actual pack is the “Sixense Motion Pack” and will include six new levels and stretchable blocks that can be modified to whatever use you’ll need them for. You can order the controller itself through Steam and comes with the DLC and a copy of Portal 2. If you feel like paying a ton for something that only has one real use at the moment, then you can do so at the Steam page. Anyone see a bit of a likliehood this could be released on the PlayStation 3 with Move compatibility in the future?

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