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So you are in Hornsby and you are early for your movie so what do you do? Well of course you head to the arcade just opposite the cinemas for tons of fun.

I love time zone so much and even if I’m not waiting for a movie, I do love just to go there and play a few games.

Here is some helpful information:

What: Timezone

Where: Hornsby Westfield, opposite the cinema

Some rememberable games:

  • Guitar Hero
  • Claw Machines
    • Including one with massive prizes
  • Pang Pang Paradise
    • My favorite
  • Rambo
  • DDR
  • Drum Game
  • Mario Kart GP
  • Car racing games
  • Motorcycle racing game
  • Virtual Tennis 3
  • Deal or No Deal
  • Air Hockey
  • Dragon Punch
  • Clown theme park game
  • Tekken 6
  • Japanese photo booths
  • Godzilla Wars
  • and much much more.


So check it out and play some games with your friends 😀

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