Mortal Kombat DLC: Skarlet Bio And Free Cyborg Skins June 21st, Rain Coming soon!

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Wow, when Neatherrelm Studios said they were going to heavily support DLC for Mortal Kombat, they wern’t joking! Today a new bio video for Skarlet has been released which you can see below courtesy of IGN, now that’s pretty cool right? Well on top of that we have a release date: June 21st! You want more? Well how about FREE alternate MK3 inspired skins for Cyrax and Sektor available for DLC on the same day? Check the renders below! Whats that you want more? Ok, how about this. Watch Skarlet’s bio video. Sure it says we’ve got Kenshi coming soon, which we already know, but also after much begging from the fans, Rain has been announced for DLC and he’s coming soon! Now that’s a rainy forecast you can be excited for! The silhouette of the fourth fighter is also shown, but not revealed. Personally, I think it’s Reiko or Fujin from MK4, but hey your guess is as good as mine!

At E3 MK creator Ed Boon said during a live stream interview, he described Skarlet’s character as “Easily the most gruesome character we’ve had”. He also begun to describe her fatality beginning with “It’s pretty disturbing…Im not sure if I can describe it on Tv.” But after some reassuring he stated that “…she stabs somebody in the side of their ear basically, and cuts their throat and does a pez dispenser thing and kinda bathes in their blood.” The stream also included some gruesome exclusive footage, so go check it out here! If the Skarlet bio and the Ed Boon interview isn’t enough for you Mortal Kombat freaks, check out some of the cyborg costumes leaked footage here. They look perfect, just like from the original MK3!


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