Lego Universe’s Nexus Tower now open for business

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The Nexus Tower, one of Lego Universe’s biggest, blockiest and best community driven building projects is now officially open to explore.  Nexus Tower is set to become the MMO’s new center for nearly everything happening in Lego Universe.  New missions, better rewards, cool rockets and Faction pets will be available, plus the ability to visit all the other worlds in the game like “Nimbus Station, Crux Prime, LEGO Club, Starbase 3001 and beyond!”

For more information on just awesomely expansive this beautiful tower is, go to our earlier coverage here. If your a fan of any MMO, you owe it to yourself to check one of the most creative and fun games of this century: Lego Universe.  Will you be checking out all the sweeeet new stuff? Let us know!

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