3DS Pokedex… What is it ?

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During Nintendo’s press event at E3 2011, they announced that they have realeased the 3DS Pokedex. What is the 3DS Pokedex? It’s a free downloadable application on the 3DS which allows you to collect all the black and white pokemon through street pass. This means if you connect to an internet connection or street pass someone then you gain a new pokemon on your 3DS Pokedex. You can gain up to 3 a day.

As the name suggest the viewer allows you to see each black and white pokemon in 3D and also see their statistics and abilities. The pokedex can also utilise the AR viewer so that you can see pokemon on AR cards as well as maxamise your chances of getting particular pokemon you want by looking up the AR image on the internet. This application is extremely fun, I just wish it had the rest of the pokemon from previous generations on it as black and white pokemon are not my favorites. Perhaps Nintendo will update the 3DS pokedex eventually but I kind of wish they started with the first 150 and went up instead of the other way around.

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