UFC Personal Trainer to teach you the ropes with Kinect/Move/Wii support in June

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It seems that ever workout company in the world is seeing the motion controls that have been developed recently and have decided to jump into the video game bandwagon. We have Zumba games, Biggest Loser games and now we are about to have an Ultimate Fighter training game. Yep that is right. THQ has announced today that they will be launching UFC Personal Trainer in June for the Wii, PlayStation 3 and most importantly the Xbox 360.

The game was designed by the National Academy of Sports Medicine so this means it isn’t some cash-in game to make money on the UFC name it seems. UFC Personal Trainer also received input from three different MMA trainers who have trained some of the top fighters in the UFC. The Wii and PlayStation controls will obviously make use of the identical control system the two feature, but the obvious highlight is the Kinect use. There will be exclusive training systems meant only for the Kinect version with full body recognition and voice commands. This one certainly looks interesting and should help pull in those reluctant to do standard workout games. Catch the trailer below featuring the Kinect in use.

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