Free Worms Soundboard App out now

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Team17, developers of the legendary Worms franchise, have released their latest creation on the Aplle App Store for free, Worms Soundboard.

The app is almost like a sound test program, with sound bites, speech and sound effects extracted from the game for your pleasure. Featuring catchphrases, taunts and the sound effects of explosive weapons from the  Worms soundbank, such as “Incoming!”, “Stupid”, “Grenade!”, the Super Sheep ‘Fanfare’ and the Holy Hand Grenade ‘Hallelujah’, it’s everything a worms fan could wish for.

On a personal level, the sound effects have always been amusing, and I loved how you could select the accent of your worms before battle among the customisation options. Plus you can’t really argue with the non-existent price tag. Pick it up for free HERE

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  • ropes

    While I love worms and the sounds in the game I prefer actually playing the game to just listening to the sound files.

    • Zowwerz

      I think the sounds have more of an effect whilst they’re actually going along to something..

  • blakehu

    Nice, I am dowloading it right now. 😀


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