What Mario Kart would be like in real life

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Ever wonder what Mario Kart would be like if it existed in real life?  Youtube user Freddiew wondered the same thing and made this pretty awesome video depicting such a thing.  The production values are pretty good, special effects look pretty realistic and the whole video is pretty comical.  Check it out!

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  • LOL Funny was it when he hit the guy with the red shell haha lol CLASSIC !!

  • Did anyone else notice how it is green shells in the still image for the video, but actually red shells within the video?

    • v8hilux

      there must be footage missing as there was only one shot that came close to the same camera angle as the picture but that was after he fired one shell so there was only two red shells at that point compared to three green ones.

  • v8hilux

    nice work, looks pretty cool. if only, hey.

  • jaypea360

    Very clever, like all of Freddie’s videos.

    I have seen another real life Mario Kart a few years ago where this guy Remijust drives his Go-Kart on public roads and adds some effects afterwards. Not as professional but still very funny.


  • Zowwerz

    This made me chuckle so much! Awesome job on the creator’s behalf.

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