Test Drive Unlimited 2 – DLC and Patch Incoming

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“We really appreciate your patience in this matter and we would like to announce that we will be making the first premium DLC for the game free for everybody as a way of saying thank you,” was a statement from Atari and Eden Games towards the large community of Test Drive unlimited 2 players who helped find and report tons of bugs located throughout the game.

The DLC will be the ‘Exploration Pack’. This pack introduces new wrecks throughout the game that unlocks the Lancia Stratos version Rallye and 1969 Dodge Charger.

The patch on the other hand will include a bunch of fixes for both Test Drive Unlimited 2 and the Casino Online DLC. The Patch will release once Microsoft gives it the O.K.

Here’s a list of the issues that will be fixed in the patch once it comes out:

  • Logging into the game has been improved
  • Once into the game the online network experience is now much more stable in all areas
  • Save games no longer corrupt
  • Existing corrupted save games will be repaired in many cases
  • Friends lists are now populated
  • Invites now work correctly
  • Clubs have been brought back online
  • Exploits to gain money have been fixed
  • Casino access has been improved
  • Players will no longer lose money because of the Casino bug
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  • jaypea360

    I have so many new games to play I have neglected this one a bit. The free DLC is a nice way to thank the customers. I did not notice to many bugs from what I have played but its all goood news from Atari.

    • v8hilux

      that’s the problem i’m facing, not with this game in particular but got hold of a few new ones the past month or two and some great titles coming up i just gotta get, but when do you fit in the time… lots of all nighters on the horizon and nodding off at the desk at work i thinks :p

  • v8hilux

    good to see them churning out some DLC for free especially if it contains a multitude of fixes. Anyone compared this to GT5, Froza or Grid yet?

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