Modern Warfare 2 getting patched up everywhere

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Even though everyone’s eyes are turned to Black Ops there are still plenty of people who are playing Modern Warfare 2. Of course with any online game, some of those people happen to be hackers who take advantage of holes left open by the game’s designers and use these to their advantage. There have been a number of ways that this has been approached but in the end it falls to the publisher to work out the kinks.

Infinity Ward has announced that they will be bringing a new security patch to the Xbox 360, PS3 and PC version of each game. Now exactly what will be patched is being left to the imagination but hopefully it will solve at least some of the hacking and cheating issues which plague the game, especially on the PlayStation 3 version of the game. Speaking of which….

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  • jaypea360

    Good, do something about it finally. I am so sick of little kids sending me voice messages offering 10th prestige lobbies and modded game lobbies. Hurry up and ban these low lifes.

  • v8hilux

    to late if you ask me, the game has come n gone there’s no or little benefit in hacking the old games now as most have moved onto black ops. these patches neeed to be built and released asap for the newer games.

    • jaypea360

      The sheer amount of people that still play this game is definitely keeping the hackers going. Long time coming but a lot of people will appreciate it. It is still the 2nd most played game on Xbox live.

      • v8hilux

        seriously…? wasn’t aware it was still that popular, is black ops no. 1, will be a kick in the balls for em if not.

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