Vizio to reveal Google TV, Android Tablet & Phone at CES

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Vizio, a consumer electronics company that produces fairly high quality electronics at steep discount prices, has unveiled some interesting plans for CES, or the Consumer Electronics Show.  A 4 inch phone and 8 inch tablet running the Android OS with 1 GHz processors have been revealed.  New VIA Plus HDTVs and Blu-ray players with Google TV are also in the works.

The VIA Tablet and VIA Phone are rumored to have WiFi N, GPS, MicroSD slot, dual cameras and HDMI output. The 8 inch tablet will have similar features as those listed above, but without 3G connectivity.

Another feature coming soon to the company’s lineup are Vizio Internet Apps Plus.  They aim to provide a seamless experience from the handheld to the big screen, including the ability to pause and resume content across devices.   And that sounds awesome.

Now that we can get an iPad and (hopefully) an Android tablet without contracts,  lets see if we can get some Windows Phone 7 OS action without money strings attached.

  • the tablet and the HDTV with googletv calls my attention more than anything, can imagine these new tv’s will have internet/pc connectivity

  • ropes

    Same here I am most interested in GoogleTv and the Tablet the only problem is the lower profit margins for those Tablet and Blu-ray player.

  • Cellophane Girl

    I adore Vizo. I have 2 Vizio TV’s and a Vizio bluray player. They really are amazing and I always recommend them to friends and family when they are looking for a TV or bluray player.

    I’m pretty interested in the tablet. My husband wants a tablet, so we’ll keep an eye on vizio’s

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