New Trailer Debuts for Pokemon Black & White…

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Just days after the official announcement from Nintendo on a March 6th release date we now have a brand new trailer for the upcoming titles in the Pokémon series, Pokémon Black & White. Now the trailer doesn’t show off too much of what we haven’t seen before, but in the trailer you can see some short clips of the battle sequences and starter Pokémon as well as a glimpse at the game’s opening cutscene.

A “New Beginning” is upon all Poké-fans and this game’s 3 month wait will be a long one for those anticipating the new title, but for now you can check out the trailer below and keep checking back as we will be sure to bring you more updates as the release draws closer. You can also keep up to date with the official website at

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  • yeah can see myself catching a new ditto and do the old egg hatching routine 🙂

  • Dustin Spencer

    Haha, yeah, but remember, Ditto is not available until post elite four in this one as everything, even the Pokemon in the game are brand new.

  • Cellophane Girl

    I’m starting out with Oshawatt. SOOOO CUTE!
    I always end up starting with the water type, they end up being the cutest.
    Now the only question is “shall I get black or white?”

  • v8hilux

    didn’t realise they were still making pokemon let alone pokemon games. Surely this is an infinite series as they can just keep coming up with nee pokemon?

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