Square Enix brings Online Manga store to life

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Square Enix doesn’t only focus on videogames, they also have a decent library of manga that are released in Japan on a regular basis. They have decided to make these different manga available via their own online store. This store will offer English translated manga volumes digitally for those who purchase them. Currently the online store offers the first volume of Fullmetal Alchemist and Soul eater, plus the first two volumes for Yumekui Kenbun: Nightmare Inspector and The Record of a Fallen Vampire.

These volumes are available for $6 currently thanks to a sale being held at launch, think of it as a grand opening sale. There will be new titles released twice a month with the first update in manga available on Janaury 11th. You can also read the first few chapters of each title for free to give yourself a little taste, because you never know whether or not you’ll like a series until you try it a bit.

You can access the Online Manga store here.

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  • Cellophane Girl

    Manga is great but can be so expensive. 6 dollars is a really good deal.
    The problem with Manga is when the series is really long, you end up spending a lot of money on it.

    Though I have to say I really like the thought of being able to read the first bit of the book so you can tell if you’re going to like it.
    I’ve seen Manga that sounded good, and the cover looked good, but the art on the inside was terrible.

    • Cellophane Girl

      Though if I spend money on manga I actually want a physical copy of the book.
      I can’t quite tell if this is just a digital copy or not. It seems like digital only. Still 6 dollars isn’t bad, but if it’s a digital copy I wouldn’t want to pay any more than that.

  • frankcastle66

    i was never really into manga all that much but 6 dollars is a really good deal for sure

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