Gamestop is holding a Halo: Reach Promotion

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GameStop is hosting a Halo: Reach promotion after it closes Friday August 6th. The promotion will be at 1,100 stores around the United States. According the Gamestop’s Website the event will have a video featuring an MLG dude giving tips and tricks for Reach, as well a some supposedly new in-game footage. A raffle will also be held for a Legendary Edition of the game, if you win the game you won’t get it until the game is released on September 14th.

There will also be a “text-to-win sweepstakes” for a chance to win a life-sized Halo statue. This event begins Friday, August 6, at 9PM (local time) and lasts until about 10:30 (still local time). Check out gamestop’s event page to see if a store near you is holding this event.

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