Battlefield 3 announced…sort of

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Hope you had enough time playing Battlefield: Bad Company 2, because some great news just got out of the oven:

EA announced today that if you’re one of those that buy the Limited Edition of  Medal of Honor, you’ll get exclusive access to Battlefield 3’s multiplayer beta. We know, there are no details whatsoever about Battlefield 3 Multiplayer Beta, nor Battlefield 3 itself… so we’ll count this one as a surprise announcement.

The beta will be available on all major platforms (PC, Xbox360 & PS3) within 12 months of Medal of Honor’s release date. Stay tuned for more details.

  • Oh yeah baby !! This is what I’m wait for !! MOH all the way man !! bye bye MW … The King will be taking back it’s throne

  • Will

    I hope that is true cause battlefeild is a awesome game!!! 🙂

  • kujen

    That’s cool. I hope the maps aren’t as linear as Bad Company 2. Allowing more players in a match for consoles would be nice too.


    I thought the beta reveal that was a rather odd way to “announce” Battlefield 3.

    Not getting excited about BF3 until I hear some solid details or even better see some gameplay.

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