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Pac-Man mastermind Toru Iwatani the creator Pac-Man.  Still carries top secret documents with him everywhere he goes.  Iwatani-san was at Festival Of Gamesas speaker and guess what he had in his little blue folder of notes.  YES … Iwatani-san was carrying with him the “Original” Pac-Man design sketches.

As you can see the big red mark in the middle means Secret,  bottom of the page scribbled in Japanese means Pattern.  We can see top secret pattern of the maze to Pac-Man at the time. 

Personally I don’t know why Iwatani-san would be carrying these documents around with him.  If it was me I’d have them locked in my safe guarded by Pac-Man ghosts in a MAZE !!! 😉  But maybe they bring him inspiration, hope and good luck. 

Source [Control-Online]

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  • Allen

    Wow, this story got so diluted that you don’t actually know why he’s carrying them or where in the world he is?
    Or is this the editorial style here? First story I’ve read here, so I genuinely don’t know.

  • Neo_Metatron

    Maybe it was just a part of his speech! Ever thought about that!?

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