Latest Alan Wake Trailer Shows off Technology behind development

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The latest Alan Wake trailer shows the technical side of the game and how they built Alan Wake’s fictional setting, Bright Falls, through on site research and over 60,000 pictures.

Alan Wake is out May 14th in Europe and May 18th in North America. We will be releasing a review as well as gameplay footage at some point this week so keep your eyes peeled.

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  • frank

    i have said before that from what i have seen im not really interested in this …but from this trailer i kinda want to check this out now it looks really well done

  • Andrenekoi

    The first reviews are saying how the game is small (rent style) and his ambition never happens. I was expecting a lot more as an Remedy fan, but it seems like they got a bit lost on the development, even since they removed that idea of an open world game, it’s like the game lost some of it’s most interesting points.

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