Toy Story 3 trailer shows off customizable toy box

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A game that is adapted from a movie is usually not the best of games. Many gamers instantly throw them off their radar and look towards other grounds, but i must admit that the recent trailer showing off the customizable toy box has intrigued me. The ability to created your own levels and missions sounds fun, but it’s still a Toy Story game adaptation. Also, I’m 100% sure they misspelled “Customize”.

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  • Enzo3000

    It looks really cool. I remember that I had the old ones for PS1 and PC so I’ll probably pick this up too.

  • Andrenekoi

    Graphics are really nice, and it’s impressive as a movie game too, since they normally are just created to sell, but Toy Story 3 is looking like it’s receiving more attention to create something really good.

  • Like the Toy Story movies, very good animation.

  • Really good movie, I watched it a ton of times 🙂

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