Free Ice Cream in Just Cause 2!

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Eidos has released a pink ice cream truck today for DLC on Xbox 360, Ps3, and PC.  It is called the Chevalier Ice Breaker!  It is bright pink and can serve well for your destructive purposes with the large pushbar in the front. Not only that but this ice cream truck is completely free!

Get the Chevalier Ice Breaker DLC for free here on XBL.

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  • Andrenekoi

    The game itself is amazing but this is an boring DLC, at least it’s for free. 🙂

  • Enzo3000

    Good to see some free DLC out so early. Usually this early most try to charge a small fee for this kind of stuff until reducing it or making it free at a later date.

  • versapak

    Free is always good, but what an odd DLC.

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