Dead Space 2 Trailer – Dementia

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Isaac Clarke is back. He escaped the massacre aboard the Ishimura, but that was just the beginning. Find out what happens when the nightmare returns! Check out & for more content and learn what’s been going on since Dead Space 1.

Enjoy the trailer :

What’s everyone think of the trailer.  Still nothing hardcore but it’s only the begining 😉

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  • Enzo3000

    Wow, that was pretty cool with the ink blot thing. However, so much for the previous titles fear through suspense, that was just fear through mayhem by the looks of it with things jumping out at you from all angles.

  • Andrenekoi

    I think it’s because that was the focus with this video, but i’m sure they will keep that kind of suspense on the sequel. Dead Space is one of my favorite series from this gen, it’s like everything i wanted from a new Resident Evil, with a sci-fi paint.

    I’m really antecipating Dead Space 2 for the PC.

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