Valve adds user-created items to Team Fortress 2


Over the years it has become clear that if you are going to buy Team Fortress 2 you should buy it on the PC. Valve continues to support the game with awesome content that you can only get if you are playing it via their steam client.

Valve have made this fact even more… Factier! You can now submit content that you make on their submit page. If it is approved it will be put into the game and you will be given a unique version to show off. All user created items will be added to the random drop list and everyone will have the chance to get your item. But remember! you had your item first, and yours is better!

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  • frankcastle66

    i am not positive factier is a word but if it isn’t i am positive it should be lol…..anyways i have yet to invest in team fortress for the very reason the pc version is better and sadly my pc is the worst of its kind it limps along trying to be what it can not and sadly i am fed up with it i need a new one so i can play sweet games like this lol

  • Enzo3000

    Some pretty…erm..interesting characters in that line up – Trekkie 😀

    I wish this was the same for Team Fortress 2 on the 360 but I suppose it’d be a lot harder to carry out.

  • Andrenekoi

    Valve still needs to do the official updates on the 360 too.

    On the PC, TF2 is currently the best kind of marketing for Valve to use on promoting Steam. Doing all these kind of updates, creating virals, a lot of deals, that way they just keep getting a bigger and bigger community, which are linked to Steam: Profit!

    There’s nothing wrong with this system, of course, they are doing a really good job on everything they do, and this is an really good strategy.

  • Haha, everything I see from Valve makes me love them more and more. It’s a shame we most likely won’t be seeing a L4D3 anytime soon because a lot of Valve’s fans are so obnoxious.

  • PlayingMantis

    I think a lot of Valve fans would have some justification for being pissed, if they came out with 3 Left 4 Dead games in 3 years. How long has it been since the Half Life series had a sequel?

    Plus L4D has mod tools now, so it should extend the replay value.

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