Red Dead Redemption Latest Trailer Gentlemen & Vagabonds


Here’s the latest trailer from ROCKSTAR Games for Red Dead Redemption entitled Gentlemen & Vagabonds.  I have to say Rockstar sure know how to create video game characters, just look at the amount of work that have gone into these fine gentlemen and the good for nothing vagabonds.  


Which category do fall under ?

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  • frankcastle66

    i would like to think gentlemen but i would guess somewhere inbetween i like to do my own thing

  • Andrenekoi

    Vagabond, definitely! Just kidding. I have a little of each one, i think.

  • Gah. I honestly wasn’t planning on getting this game but for some reason I want it now. I honestly can’t say why.

    I loved the game GUN, the first game I got a load of gamerscore in because I did just about everything. That was before videogames occupied 90% of my spare time.

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