Metro 2033 Avatar Mask Free with registration

Xbox 360 THQ Nordic

If you sign up for a THQ account and register* your game, you get a free Metro 2033 Avatar Mask.

*Just add it to your games list, you don’t actually need the game. Skip the step that asks you to enter your key.

Go here for more  information

This may not be available everywhere. UK is confirmed out.

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  • Andrew

    I had problems getting the code when I put in the country where I actually live, the US. I registered with another email account giving my country as the UK, and it worked.

  • frankcastle66

    they never sent me the email for the registration thing so that gives me a sad face

  • Thanks Andrew! I wouldn’t have known to do that if you didn’t post about it. Got my code now 🙂

  • skull_x_man

    Really nice of them to give this free, though i think they thought that only the ones that bought the game would be eligible to download the mask. or they’re just really nice. anyhow, metro2033 is a really good game, with or without this avatar mask

  • Andrenekoi

    Yeah, i think this would be cooler as a bonus just for those who bought the game. Being available to everyone looses a bit of its charm.

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