Darksiders coming to PC in June

THQ Nordic PC


THQ and Vigil announced that Darksiders is coming to the PC. They have only given a release window of June, but Vigil’s David Adams is promising “key features such as user-defined resolutions, interface and both keyboard and game pad control sets.”

Don’t know what darksiders is? Go check out our overview here: http://www.capsulecomputers.com.au/2010/02/darksiders/

Don’t want to read more? well, then think of it like this: “Post Apocolyptic Zelda With A Portal Gun“. If that sounds good to you, you are gonna love it!

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  • frankcastle66

    this game gets a lot more credit it deserves for being a god of war knock off

  • versapak

    It isn’t just a God of War knock off, so it seems you just aren’t giving it enough credit. 😛

    It definitely “borrows” everything that it is from something else, but it pieces it all together to give a pretty decent experience.

  • @FrankCastle66

    I think you are thinking of ‘Dante’s Inferno’ being a God of War knock off, but even Dante’s Inferno deserves credit because it gives Xbox 360 owners access to a “God of War(ish)” game without having to buy a PS3.

    Darksiders is more of a Legend of Zelda knockoff, but with more blood.

  • skull_x_man

    Yeah, let’s pretend it’s like that and bash out every action game ever made. Honestly, Dante’s Inferno is more of a God of War knock off. Darksiders borrows the good aspects of God of war, zelda, and many other and puts em in this game. And it turned out to be a great game. What, Saint’s Row isn’t a GTA knock off? Or any other examples….

  • skull_x_man

    And let’s not forget that Bioware practically makes the same games since Knights of the Old Republic. With different themes. But that doesn’t mean they’re not great. They’re getting better and better and improving every aspect.

  • Andrenekoi

    Well said skull_x_man!

    Darksiders is one of my favorites games released this year, i already played on the PS3 but i’m sure i will buy it again on the PC. It’s an really well made game.

  • I’ve been looking into this game for awhile. It seems like it would be pretty good, but not exactly what I would be interested in paying full price for.

    I think it’s great that this is going to the PC though. I personally believe that all games should go across all systems. Maybe one day we can just have 1 system. I think it’d be great.

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