Resident Evil 5 Avatar Clothing now available on Xbox Live Marketplace

Xbox 360 Capcom

Wanna Dress up as Chris Redfield, or look like a mindless zombie ??  (I look like that most of the time in real life)  Well now you can.  Capcom/Microsoft have released their latest Resident Evil 5 Avatar clothing range to the Xbox Live Marketplace.

There’s a few to choose from as well. I think I might test out and grab the Chris Redfield outfit.   Click on the link  here and check them out for yourselves or login to your Xbox and go to Xbox Live Avatar Marketplace on your dashboard.

Let us know which one you’re going pick up 🙂

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  • duraroc

    Another MS money grab. Don’t see why we have to pay for Live AND pay for Avatar clothing. How much free Avatar clothing comes out now?

  • PlayingMantis

    These all look pretty generic. The black and red t-shirt on the left is kind of cool though.

  • PlayingMantis


    To be fair, RE5 came out before MS introduced the Avatar Marketplace and Avatar Awards (I think).

  • maybe ill get the uniform one…

  • @RA_TARD

    haha, this is too funny. I dont think id use any though

  • Andrenekoi

    The first shirt is the best!

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