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iPhone and iTouch owners should check out the Gameloft website for the latest games available that can be downloaded from the Apple App Store using iTunes.

Gameloft have a fantastic selection of games in all different categories. One of my personal favourites is Terminator Salvation and Rise Of Lost Empires which is a Warcraft 2 RTS style game. Graphically all Gameoft games are fantastic, gameplay is also great. For only a few dollars these games are better quality and value for money than PSP or Nintendo DS Games which are overly priced at $50-$70 dollars.

If you dont want to spend the money upfront Gameloft also have LITE versions which are like a playable 1 level demo that will give you the feel of the game and if you like it then you can go ahead and purchase the full game.

I would recommend the Gameloft games to all the Apple iPhone and iTouch owners as your gonna get a fantastic value for money experience. Excellent quality games for a fraction of the price.

Check out the Gameloft Website

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