The Godfather Slots Review



The Godfather Slots
Developer: Elephant Mouse
Platform: iPhone, iPod touch, iPad (4.3 or higher)
Release Date: February 7, 2013
Price: Free  – DOWNLOAD NOW!

The iOS has transformed in the past few years to a legitmate gaming sector – to a pit of gambling, where players have to pay to get their entertainment. I always find it to be a sad feeling when I pay for a platformer or RPG, just to find out half the game is locked behind the “freemium” structure on the service. Gripes aside, I do still enjoy gaming on my iPad, but I go the casual route with it and partake in Bejeweled Blitz, that hot game of the moment, and slots. Yes, Slots are definitely a niche thing to partake in on the device, as you don’t really win anything, but as someone who finds himself visiting casinos on occasion, the thrill of a potential jackpot is an exciting endeavor – no matter what it is that the player wins in return.

Elephant Mouse have now graced us with The Godfather Slots, paying homage to the classic franchise with several themed machines already included. Does this slot sim pay it big, or is it just another freemium title that has it’s eyes on your wallet?

I would be lying to say that The Godfather Slots has any real strategy behind it. I mean, all you really do is hit “Spin”, and wait to see if you are lucky enough to get a proper line-up of symbols in order to get a payout. Well – thankfully, that is the premise of slots to start with, so those who download this themed compilation of slot machines will more than likely already be ready for this concept from the launch of the game.


Like most digital slots, The Godfather plays with a leveling system attached, where players gain experience points as they spin. Once a certain amount of points are obtained, new slots and power-ups are unlocked, letting the player enjoy a new machine or use one of the many special abilities to enhance their own odds in game. From time to time, the player will also be awarded Free Spins or a bonus mini-game as well, which of course increases the chance for a greater payout.

I can’t really say that I am a huge, die-hard fan of The Godfather franchise, but this set of slots does capture the essence of the product nicely. Once a mini-game is unlocked, the player will be treated to a still image of the man himself as he offers you to pick one of a set number of mystery prizes. Yeah, it’s nothing too exciting, but the free digital cash is a nice incentive to keep playing. Other rewards come in Hot Streaks that offer extra coins for wins for a limited time, as well as power-ups that lock reels in place and offer double the winnings for one spin.


That leveling system I spoke of earlier is really the main reason to continue tapping away. As of the time I am writing this, there are four machines that can be played if your level grants it, and a good number of machines marked “Coming Soon” that are sure to be added as time passes. This means that the more successful the player is, the more variety they will have in the app. Each machine also can be leveled up to add reels and larger bets, allowing the player’s win amount to increase as they unlock more perks. Sadly, the freemium portion of the game takes over for the hardcore investors who are spinning away. Once your money is gone, you will have to wait four hours to be given $500 to gamble on unless you decide to pay for digital coins. Yes, I like slots just fine on occasion, but paying for digital currency is just not my cup of tea. Sure, I wanted to unlock more after going broke, but I found little problem waiting for more coins to come as the payouts are decent enough to provide a decent portion of gametime with that free $500.

If you so choose, you can share your big wins and free spins with friends on Facebook and Twitter as this app is fully featured with Leaderboards, sharing, and bragging utilities, which is quite impressive compared to most of the free slot games I have tried out on the service. I will say though that while Godfather Slots is fully loaded when it comes to social networking, it can be a bit irritating to have the app constantly ask you if you want to share the win, but for the older crowd who live for these types of experiences – I doubt they will mind too much simply tapping that button to brag to their other gambling addict pals.

Visuals and Audio
I don’t really know how to explain what a decent looking slot machine should look like, as most who get this app are more than likely are going to be content with the machines provided. Every button is vibrant and sleek, and the machines themselves never once putter or lag while spinning (I have seen that little problem occur a lot during other iOS slots). As for the movie fanfare…well, expect images of the cast of the godfather, with machines and bonuses incorporating the most famous scenes into the slots themselves.


Audio wise, things are lacking. Sure, the start-up and menu music makes everything seem promising if you are a Godfather fan, but while playing you will only get to hear the noise of the machine itself as each reel comes to a stop and experience points are added to your current level. Plunk, plunk, plunk…repeat. Sure, those who play slots in a casino expect this, but why not make this title a bit more flavorful? Even if it was generic mobster stock music, this title would definitely feel more true to the franchise if it payed tribute to the pretentious flicks by making the player feel as if they were reliving each scene through some decently themed audio.

Have you ever heard the phrase “it is what it is”? That is a bit of a bland way to describe The Godfather Slots, but there is no better way to detail these machines than with those five words. While addictive, these digital slot machines keep the true rewards for playing reserved for the extremely patient or the crowd that pays. With that said, I have played quite a few iOS slot sims, and this one definitely offers a lot more game time and bonuses than others, while still staying true to the design by keeping it “All in the Family”. Sure, it’s a freemium cash-grab, but slots are that anyway. Anyone looking for a nice little diversion at no cost are sure to get some entertainment here, but keep in mind to keep your wallet distant – as this Godfather might just make you an offer you can’t refuse.


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