Crackdown 2 Webcomic 3

Hey, are you enjoying the Crackdown 2 Webcomic series? IF so, you are in luck! the third episode is available to you now. I could use the rest of this post to explain what is going on, and what has happened, and my thoughts on the matter; but reading is so tedious when you could just watch it for yourself. SO WATCH IT! WATCH IT NOW!

Blade Kitten slashing into the XBLA and PC market

Fans of cat girls rejoice. Blade Kitten is being produced by Krome Studios and is an action-adventure sidescrolling game that has been based off of the popular webcomic of the same name. It features a catgirl, sorry I mean Felion, protagonist named Kit Ballard and was created by Steve Stamatiadis. The good news is that originally Blade Kitten was meant to be a PSN exclusive that was going to be se...

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