MechWarrior Online Introduces Brand New Mech

For players of the MechWarrior online video game in the Mech Warrior series, they will have noticed that a new Mech has been made available for purchase. This Mech is of the Class: Hero and is called the “Pretty Baby”. But that’s not all that was included in the update. You’ve also got some new in game enhancements like scoreboards, death cameras and the ability to message ...

Hawken Open Beta Begins In Less Than Two Days

Upcoming Mecha shooter HAWKEN is launching its Open Beta campaign in less than two days. At the time of writing the game has one day and sixteen hours until launch. What’s important about this is that the team behind the game have stated that you should be able to grab the game client early to ensure you make the most out of the Open Beta period before launch. However, their site has yet to ...

Front Mission Evolved – Dev Diary

This Developer Diary, some of the central members of the dev team at Double Helix Games and Square Enix explain the new features of Front Mission Evolved’s wanzers. They show the different classes and features to look forward to when the game launches. Enjoy the Dev Diary Below, and Front Mission Evolved will currently be released September 2010.

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