Mafia II continues with Joe’s Adventures

'That lovable scamp' from Mafia II Joe Barbero is back, in Mafia II : Joe's Adventures on November 23rd. Sporting dozens of new City based missions, many new locations in Empire Bay and filling the gap during the time that your main character in Mafia II, Vito, was locked in the slammer; working for the Mob has never looked so good (just check out that sanchez moustache!)

Crackdown 2 Avatar items now available

Yes you heard that right just a week after the release of the Crackdown 2 demo on Xbox Live, Microsoft have some more cool goodies from the Crackdown 2 universe to share with us all.  Now you can dress up your virtual you on your Xbox 360 with some Crackdown 2 avatar items.  Check out below just a  few that’s available right now from the Xbox Live Marketplace. We got a pretty trendy Ruffian ...

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