Twisted Pixel Brings Ms. ‘Splosion Man and The Gunstringer to GDC

At the Game Developers Conference Twisted Pixel is showing off gameplay from two of its big XBLA releases, with brand new gameplay footage. First up, is Ms. ‘Splosion Man, essentially the “Ms. Pac-man” of the ‘Splosion Man world. The Gunstringer, which is about an undead cowboy puppet that you control using Kinect, has also received gameplay footage located within the massi...

How to download Gameloft Games on your Android Phone

Who’s got a Samsung GT i-9000 Galaxy S, a HTC Desire HD, a Sony Errisson Xperia X10i or any of the other great Android compatible phone.  Well if you do and you’re after a top quality game for a great low price.  Then why not visit the Gameloft Android store web  online or via your Phone.  Downloading a game is a few simple clicks away.  The great thing with Gamelof Games on Android is...

Naughty Bear – ‘How To: Gameplay’ video

What’s better then killing human as a deranged serial killer? Killing Teddy Bears as a deranged Teddy Bear of course! Below you will find a video about the gameplay in Naughty Bear. The game looks interesting with a varied amount of AI but it looks like it will get repetitive and is more for leaderboard junkies. We shall see! Enjoy the video

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