Superman/Batman: Apocalypse – Review


Director: Lauren Montgomery

Writers: Jeph Loeb (original story), Tab Murphy (screenplay)

Release Date: September 28th, 2010

Genre: Animation, DC Comics, Superpowers, Action

Rating: PG-13

Production Company: DC Entertainment, Warner Premiere

Media Type: DVD/Blu-Ray


Fans ages 13 and over take a bite out of this fantastic piece of the DC Universe in Superman Batman Apocalypse. A story of friendship, betrayal, deceit, power struggles, and vicious clashes in battle. Absolutely not a film worth overlooking so today I am going to give you the kick’s, punches, and Batarangs that make this Red, Blue, and Black feature tick.


This animated feature film covers the story of Superman and Batman and how they encounter a strange Kyrptonian girl who seems to share a little bite of heritage with our man in red and blue. As far as DC animated films go this one definitely takes the cake when it comes to story development and mashing it all into an hour and twenty minute film.

As the story progresses through the twists and turns of the DC world featuring Superman and Batman along with some other familiar faces whom I dare not spoil for all of you. The story is definitely directed at the fans though; it directs attention to the viewers while also still holding the wild card classic DC heartfelt flare between enemies.

One of the most important things about this film is definitely the action though. I did not want to stop watching to even get a drink because frankly the action was phenomenal. There are so many fantastic clashes between classic foe’s and even allies, which alone should make you wonder what is in store for you.

Character focus:

Now I know I said that I wouldn’t reveal any of the characters to you but the all-star cast is large enough that I can spoil just a little bit. We obviously have Superman and Batman to thank for putting together this heroic ensemble of vixens and even more vixens. The majority of the film takes place on Wonder Woman’s Home Island where we of course get to see a plethora of Amazonian wonder babes. But this film is not Limited to just Princess Diana we of course have Superman’s cousin and the focus of our story Supergirl better known as Kara. The ever so famous Darkside and his elite force of devilish vixens of course learn of Kara and not so long after her arrival Darkside takes an interest in her. Along with Darkside we get to see a few other famous DC villains from the planet Apocalypse and the Superman Universe but I may have spoiled too much already.


This is what you all want to hear ANIMATION yes it is animated in that amazing Warner Bros style that we all know and love. Your everyday reporter Clark Kent is ever so ripped and our Gotham Knights abs show right through his Kevlar. Don’t even get me started on the women because I just might have to rethink whether or not I prefer real life or not. But in all seriousness the animation is well thought out when it comes down to it, the action is by far some of the best I have seen in American animation in a very long time. The animation actually gets better in combat where in some previous American classics it would get less detailed, but this film stays crisp and very colorful. Characters always stay fully formed and don’t lose any limps in the animation process if you know what I mean, while still managing to keep you looking at the intense environments.


In the rundown this film exceeds expectations of past DC animated features and even takes the cake over some of their more recent live actions films. Some minor gaps in story shouldn’t keep you from watching this spectacularly Animated film, whether your pick it up on Blu-ray or DVD (although I suggest Blu-Ray for the awesome special features) it is worth BUYING for sure fan or not.


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