Space Invaders Infinity Gene – iPhone/iPod Touch Review


Space Invaders Infinity Gene

Company: TAITO Corporation
Release date: July 9, 2010
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A reinvigoration of the classic arcade game Space Invaders, this time with a twist. The game now has full color, and now “evolves” around how you play. The game starts off as the classic Space Invaders and the more you play, the more “evolution” takes place. The whole purpose is to bring a new generation to the classic game, whilst keeping it fresh and authentic.

Graphics and Sound

Right from the offset, this game gives you the feel that you are playing Space Invaders. Most remakes nowadays try to disguise the fact that they have created a whole knew version of the game, but Space Invaders Infinity Gene is different. It knows what it is, and is proud of it. It starts by showing the original Space Invaders Screen which then moves on to the new design. The new design really gives the idea of the limitless gameplay that the game boasts by using simple straight lines and boxes. The design team have done a top-standard job at making the graphics as clear and full as possible. There is little, to no motion blur showing that any generation of iPhone or iPod Touch will have no problem running the game to it’s fullest potential, and the whole game has a new standard of graphic representation that also adds to the highly addictive experience. The addition of color has also added a whole new spin to the game, making it much more entertaining than the standard black and white of arcade descent. The music, which stays true to the original 8-bit soundtrack, has been totally remastered with whole new creations. All songs have a new “computerized” sound that really shows the game has been modernized to new standards. The only problem is that the songs loops are far too short and repeat very often, meaning you notice the repetitiveness and it urges you turn the music off altogether. There is also an option to play a full round to your own song which gives the game a whole new spin. Nothing is more refreshing than playing Space Invaders than playing it to your own music. The combination of graphics and music could keep anyone entertained for hours on end.


The premise of Space Invaders Infinity Gene, as it was in the original Space Invaders, is that you are a spaceship that is being assaulted by U.F.O’s and the only way to progress is to annihilate as many as possible without you being killed yourself. The game starts with you as a simple single fire spaceship. The first few levels are a simple tutorial in which the whole point, as expected in a tutorial, is to teach you the basics of the game. Through shooting the generic U.F.O shaped characters you gain power ups. These power ups increase the capabilities of your ship making it shoot faster and in the case of the “wave” ship, give it a wider shooting spread. Another addition to the game is the multiple ships. These can be unlocked over the course of the game by simply “evolving”. “Evolving” is undertaken when enough points are gained to fill up the gene bar. You can view the gene bar when all lives are depleted and your total score is accumulated. When filled, a large white screen appears, and the word “evolution” flashes across the screen. This addition gives the game a whole new twist and contributes to an even greater thirst to maximize your scores to gain even more points and unlocks in the form of graphics, music and additional levels.

An excellent ending to every round is that there is a mini-boss. This mini-boss has small, and sometimes easy to beat defenses, but usually leads to a much more difficult boss, increasing enjoyment. At points in the game there is also a very large, difficult, and extensive boss to defeat. These large bosses have specific weaknesses and are sometimes easier to defeat in one certain ship type than the other types of shops. Some bosses also take multiple attempts to defeat and human nature just urges you on every time to defeat them. These bosses do, however, add an increase in your reaction time and encourage much more creative thinking than many other games offer.

The controls are simple and very responsive. All you need to do is move your thumb or finger around the screen, and this in turn moves the spaceship. This gives a problem however. Your thumb or finger partially obscures the screen meaning that it partially obscures the gameplay, leading to deaths more often. This cannot be avoided however as an on-screen d-pad would make the controls a lot less responsive and deaths would occur even more than they already do. Another problem with the controls is that to pause the game, you must press the exit button on the top right twice, instead of the conventional once. This also contributes to the problem of unwanted deaths, no matter how infrequent pauses are.

Space Invaders Infinity Gene has many bonus features. These include the ability to play a round to your own song, in-app downloadable content, graphics that are unlocked by filling the gene bar showing different enemies in a stationary position and the ability to play the whole game in the original 8-bit soundtrack. These bonus features add many additional hours of gameplay and, in the instance of the in-app downloadable content, adds three new ships and additional levels further to the ones you already unlock via gameplay. These can be purchased for an extra $1.99 per ship and additional level.

Overall Space Invaders Infinity Gene adds a new spin the arcade game of old that really reinvigorates the franchise. Apart from minor hiccups that cannot be avoided such as the problem with thumbs or fingers partially blocking the touch screen and the fact that to pause the game, the pause button must be tapped twice, the game is well polished, very well presented and produced. The gameplay and graphical assets, on their own, more than make up for these problems, and do not detract from Space Invaders Infinity Gene’s gaming experience at all. You can really tell the hard work and thought that went into producing the game and to keep the game entertaining, different and an altogether new experience for people of most ages. The fact that it is very fast paced, seemingly endless and all action also keeps you wanting more. Due to the fact of the pause functionality problems and the way it is unavoidable to partially block the screen, I’m going to give Space Invaders Infinity Gene a VERY GOOD rating of 9 out of 10 capsules.


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