Sniper Vs. Sniper – Video Review for the Apple iPhone / iTouch


Sniper Vs. Sniper
Platform: iPhone (Reviewed)
Developer: Com2Us
Release Date: Oct 19, 2009
Price: $4.99

Yesterday I was able to share with everyone my 1 on 1 with Peter Huh producer of Com2us‘ fantastic new Sniper Game on the Apple iPhone and iTouch.  Sniper Vs. Sniper

And today I have am pleased to present Capsule Computers official video review of Sniper Vs. Sniper.

This game is by far leaps and bounds ahead of any other Sniper style game on the iPhone at the moment and possibly one of the best games available in the Apple App Store as well.  It has a revolutionary online lobby system where players from all over the world are able to jump in chat and challenge and play together just with a few touches on the screen.

I won’t say no more in writing.  I’ll let my video review do the rest of the talking.

Enjoy the review and let me know what you think 🙂

Sniper Vs. Sniper Online by Com2us


Capsule Computers Score :   9 CAPSULES out of 10


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