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Real Golf 2011
Platform: iPhone
Released: 9 September
Price: $6.99 

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Real Golf 2010 by Gameloft is one of the most visually stunning and accurate golfing titles currently available on the Apple iTunes store.  Designed with the iPhone 4 in mind, the graphics and amazing fluid controls which take advantage of the iPhone 4 Gyroscope feature makes this game even more enjoyable to play.

Stepping up to the tee we have seven male golfing superstars consisting of : Sergio Garcia, Anthony Kim, Camilo Villegas, Vijay Singh, Jim Furyk, Justine Rose, Australia’s very own White Shark, Greg Norman and Four female superstars : Natalie Gulbis, Annika Sorenstam, Karrie Webb.  All with their own skills, strength and weaknesses such as Driving, Accuracy, Putting and Recovery.


Start off by choosing one of these golfing greats and jump into any of the four single player modes : Instant Play, Career, Challenge or Free Mode.

In Career mode you begin with a world ranking of 150 and $5000 at your disposal.  You can instantly visit the Golf shop and purchase better equipment and balls that can increase your skills and performance while on tour in career mode or even when playing in challenge or free mode.

Another feature in the game is the ability to level up your chosen golfer after they perform well on the course.  Unfortunately you can’t assign the ability points to your character’s specific skills as they are ,automatically assigned.    


You have the options of two types of control methods, Classic and Advanced, both with controls are great to use and totally up to personal choice.  The Classic control allows you play and start your swing by pressing the button, then pressing it again once it reaches it’s peak then pressing it once more to hit and send the ball flying into the direction of the green.  Accompanying this control method you also get to choose the spin on the ball and also your stance choice.  All very similar to golfing games you’ve played in the past.

The new Advanced control method is actually quite simple compared to the classic.  By dragging your finger vertically, you need to keep a steady line down to it’s peak then back up again and release.  With the shot performed you then have the choice of adding slice on that ball while it’s in the air so it makes a perfect landing.  One unfortunate aspect of this control method is that the guide to perform your shot is located on the right hand side.  This could affect left handed players if they prefer to use their left finger to make the shot as it will obstruct their view of the control system.  


If you’re new to the golfing scene, don’t worry Gameloft have this department covered. Jump into the options menu and run through a comprehensive Golf Training tutorial which runs you through everything you need to know about the game, how to use the control system and onscreen features such as checking the mini map to zoom in and out so you can plan your next move.  Picking the right club and taking into consideration the wind strength on the course so the ball doesn’t end up in the water and your club along with it.

Gameloft have included 32 Trophies ranging from getting your first Par to that memorable hole in one.  There is enough here to keep you entertained and busy for hours with their wide range of challenges.  Speaking about Hole in One’s check out just below MasterAbbott’s very own HOLE IN ONE with his favourite Golfing superstar Greg Norman.

Real Golf 2010 is also enabled with a stable multiplayer system.  Choose from 3 options : online, wi-fi or bluetooth and challenge your friends or players from all over the world.  Just make sure you’ve practiced a bit before you do as there are quite a few Sharks out there !      

Jam packed with enough features, challenges and great courses from all over the world, with some that will need to be unlocked by going though career mode / challenges.  Real Golf 2010 is by far the best golfing game in the iTunes store.  Whether you’re a golfing veteran or new to the sport, Real Golf 2010 is the perfect game for you.

Capsule Computers Score : 9 Capsules Out Of 10


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  1. I got this game and it is deffinently the best golf game on the iPhone. CNt wait to see what EA has to offer

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