R-Type II Review



R-Type II
Developer: DotEmu
Publisher: DotEmu
Platforms: iPhone (reviewed), iPad
Release Date: February 13th, 2013
Price: $1.99 – Available Here

The R-Type series is legendary for a reason. It is one of the most iconic shoot-em-up games ever made and after the original R-Type getting a port to mobile devices, it was only a matter of time before the sequel R-Type II made its way onto the platform as well.

So what does R-Type II do to top the original R-Type? Well there is really only one thing about R-Type II that sets it apart from its predecessor: it is about 10 times more difficult. Are you up to the challenge? Are you ready for R-Type II? If so you may have just found your next mobile gaming addiction.


R-Type has traditionally been a challenging video-game series. R-Type II is undoubtedly far more grueling than its predecessor. The gameplay is far more intense and places the player in situations that often feel next to impossible. If you ever played the original R-Type II, you’ll know that this iOS port of the game carries that sense of chaotic difficulty that the original had.

The control scheme of the previous iOS port has been carried over here, with players simply having to move their ship around as it auto-shoots, taking down hordes of enemies along the way. There are two separate modes, both of which provide different kinds of challenges, the modes are Unlimited and Normal. As you progress through these modes you unlock further stages to play on.


Over the course of a stage you’ll come across different weaponry to engage yourself with. You’re also tasked with taking down a large amount of enemies of great variation. Its all classic R-Type and if your a fan of the series this is surely a must-have title.

The game is downright addictive if you’re up for a challenge, but if you’re not the type of gamer who likes super hard gaming this is not the game for you. The original R-Type is hard, but R-Type II is ultra difficult. It is definitely not a casual experience and shouldn’t be treated as such. This is undoubtedly a hardcore gamer’s kind of game and that is the best way to go into R-Type II. If you want a hardcore experience on the mobile this is the one for you.


Visuals and Audio
In terms of artwork, R-Type II features very traditional sprite-based style harkening back the feeling of a bygone era of gaming. It will surely give players a nostalgic vibe for the yesteryear of gaming. On top of that it does a great job of recapturing the general style and feel of the original game by replicating it for the mobile platform.

The game’s soundtrack recaptures the memorable audio experience of the original R-Type II, with some great chiptune tracks proving to be catchy and give the game a sense of place and a fitting tone. All in all its a great audio and visual experience that does great to replicate the original game.


If you’re looking for the latest hardcore gaming craze for mobile games, R-Type II is going to be it. It is an incredible challenging game that will test your utmost limits with an intense gaming experience the likes of which are generally unheard of in mobile gaming. Unfortunately if you are in the market for a more casual gaming experience, this is not the game for you. It is way too difficult to enjoy casually. It is a difficult game and requires a great deal of attention and dedication to not only get good at but also to progress through. This is a hardcore game on a casual gaming platform. It is something a little different and if you enjoyed the first R-Type then its worth a look in.


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