Matt Hazard: Blood Bath and Beyond Xbox 360 Review


Matt Hazard: Blood Bath and Beyond
 D3 Publisher
Developer: Vicious Cycle
Platforms: Xbox 360 (Reviewed), Playstation 3
Release Date: January 7th, 2010


Ahh Matt Hazard, does anyone remember the great old days of playing the Matt Hazard games back on the old 8-bit systems?  What you don’t?  Well you will be working to save Matt Hazard’s 8-bit self, as Matt Hazard in this side scrolling shoot-em up.


Unfortunately there is not much story to speak of, the plot that is driving the story, is that your arch nemesis Neutronov has kidnaped your 8-bit self in the effort to kill your past, thus killing you in the future.  If that doesn’t make much sense, don’t worry, even the game’s main character Matt and his programming pal Quentin have trouble understanding it.  Thus begins your journey through many familiar levels that will bring up some memories of games past.

However the story is only told through small text pieces as there is nearly zero voice acting in the game. This is joked upon between Matt and Quentin as there being less funding thanks to the bad reviews and sales from their previous game Eat Lead.  Through the game there are many jokes upon their poor reviews and how harsh the sales were for their previous game, which is enjoyable that they can still take and put a comedic spin on their last game.

The story and the game is terribly short however, leading to a maximum of two hours playthrough on the hardest difficulty.  Though you can continue to play on each of the three difficulty options, uniquely called; Wussy, Damn This Is Hard, and F*** This S***! there is little else to do beyond collecting every pachinko coin in the game, and every box art.  Although it is hard to miss them as enemies and boxes drop them quite often in plain sight.


Appearances in this game are as they appear, and you will not be playing any levels that are in 8-bit, even if you are supposedly playing through old games and even a few of Matt’s old games.

Each level will have a certain theme, and most levels will have a theme to go along with them.  In the very first level you start out on a cruise ship, then as you venture inside, you begin to wonder whether or not you will see a Little Sister running around.  Then levels later your treated to a pristine city filled with bright red areas to jump and walk, just like Runner Vision from Mirrors Edge.

Another interesting area, was when Matt is running through a base quite similar to Team Fortress 2, only to run into Red and Blue team members.  Not only that, but there are curious pipes and floating blocks with ! Points on them, favoring Mario style block breaking.

Though there are absolutely zero cut scenes in the game, and the pictures used for the characters talking screen could have been a little better looking. At that point it felt like an old RPG game with the characters talking silently through their pictures, though this could also have been a parody.


Here is where the parodies and the bits taken from other games truly shines.  Matt Hazard Blood Bath and Beyond is strictly a side scrolling shooter.  This takes it’s cues from Contra, and the more recent Shadow Complex.  However, unlike Shadow Complex which favors exploration and backtracking, BBB favors Contra’s formula of being unable to go backwards.

Once you have advanced far enough in the screen, the camera moves along with you.  However if you were to pass up enemies or power ups, you can still shoot the enemies off screen.  Anything they drop, such as a collectible item or a power up is completely lost to you.  Also this leads to some troublesome re-spawns.  As a few times I lost lives simply because the character re-spawned back into a pool of water or electricity trap.

At the start of each life, you are given your basic gun which has unlimited ammo, and six grenades.  However you can pick up an assortment of various other weapon power ups such as; a shotgun, machine gun, laser, rockets, and more.  However the most unique and powerful upgrade is the flamethrower.  This flamethrower burns through enemies like they were marshmallows, and they fall to the floor in a wondrous pile of fire.

Bullets will go through nearly any obstacle, minus crates and certain floors.  Hidden in crates and certain enemies are Hazard Game boxes, and pachinko coins.  These boxes are collectibles which will unlock the box art and description for Matt Hazard’s previous games.  While the pachinko coins give you tokens for an after level game, called Ragdoll Pachinko.  This mode, while short, is very fun as you drop bodies down a pachinko game to score extra points to add to your online leader board total.

The game play is capable of playing with a friend, however that friend must be sitting next to you.  The co-op mode for the game is strictly local only, however there is the opportunity for this to be fixed by a patch later on in the game.  Playing with a friend is just as rewarding as it was playing in Contra.  Though you may still argue over who stole the health pick up or weapon upgrade.


If you were a fan of Matt Hazard: Eat Lead, then you will definitely enjoy this game, as the same satirical element stands, though not much is emphasized outside of level design.  Plus the game is very short, though the running and gunning is quite fun,  for 1200 MS points, $15, can be a lot to ask for two hours of playtime.

In the end I would give Matt Hazard: Blood Bath and Beyond a hazardous 6.5 Capsules out of 10


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  1. Left 4 Dead.

    ‘Run like hell!’
    ‘Hell waits for no one, m’lady.’
    ‘The zombies are going to kill us all!’
    ‘Correction: I’m going to kill all the zombies.’

    If it matters, I’d prefer Xbox.

  2. Assassin’s Creed; Splinter Cell; Viva Pinata. >:)

    I’d prefer the Xbox one as well, since I rarely touch my PS3.

  3. I think Matt would find it pretty fun peeing off the Council by running round the Citadel in Mass Effect.

    The Skags of Borderlands would like him as a tasty snack.

    And I’m sure Master Chief won’t mind having his spotlight taken off him by Matt Hazard. Well, as long as he doesn’t try to take off the Chief’s helmet.

    Twitter: @Xenoliath

  4. Oh yeah, and if possible, I’d like the Xbox code.

  5. i think, its a very cool game, but i dont want to spend 1200 Points in it… 800 OK.. but 1200 . NO !!
    So i hope that i can win it 🙂

  6. He should play in Shadow Complex, and at the end he should die by falling from the helicopter ^^
    that would be great 🙂

    my twitter acc:

    i think, its a very cool game, but i dont want to spend 1200 Points in it… 800 OK.. but 1200 . NO !!
    So i hope that i can win it 🙂

    oh .. i d like the xbox code.. but if i win the PS3 code, i will give it my brother 😉 he loves the game

  7. I’d love to see Bioshock, Castle Crashers, Braid, Portal, classic 2-D Sonic, and Zelda.

    I’d also like to see one or more of the popular fighting games/characters parodied.

  8. It would be surreal to see Matt Hazard in GTA IV

    Twitter: @ilRadd

  9. Edit to my above comment – I would prefer the Xbox code as I do not own a PS3. =)

  10. Oh, it’s got to be Pokemon, hasn’t it? If it’s good enough for South Park to rip apart, it’s good enough for Matt Hazard 🙂

    If lucky enough to win, would love either version (PS3 preferably).


    (@hodsey77 on twitter)

  11. Cooking Matt, a series of minigames where you step into Hazard’s chef whites as he faces his biggest adventure yet: the kitchen. Twenty X-TREME levels of hot stove action, with cameos from Neutronov (now a major microwave manufacturer with a deadly vendetta) and possibly an old flame..

    @digignome on twitter, and should I win either code would work for me but I’d prefer the PS3. Thanks and good luck to all!

  12. I think he should make it into joyride lol cause he could kick some face at kart racing, while his special would be mounted guns. @Davicams on twitter.

  13. I wouldn’t mind trying this out!!

  14. Fable 2

    “And so our Story ENDS”



  15. “Megaman”

    I also think 1200 is too much, 800 is an ok price! =(
    I preffer XBOX, but, if i got a PS3 one I will just give to a friend =)

    @RodrigoRodrigoR on twtter, and following! 😉

  16. Oops. I forgot include my twitter username INCPHI in my actual comment.

    Also, I’d prefer the XBLA code since I own a 360, but I can alweays give the PS3 code to my brother.

    Lastly, they could alway give a nod to all those shovelware tween girl games. That would probably be torture to poor Matt Hazard.


    He should be in Gears of War. Screw Cole Train, Matt has a STEAM TRAIN. Screw chainsaws, Matt has his TEETH. Screw bullets, Matt has SCREWS.

  18. I wouldn’t mind seeing some levels done in true 8-bit glory. I’m talking Bubble Bobble, Duck Hunt, Castlevania, et cetera.

    And GregGarrison would very much so like a PSN code, if he may.

  19. He should play in Mass effect series.
    Maybe it will Sheppard less uptight with someone like Matt hazard in his team !
    And I bet he will appreciate alien sex !

  20. They should do a matt hazard game based on the unlicensed religious games on NES…can you imagine the carnage of Matt and the spitting camel butting heads? They also had bible trivia in the game….Could have a scene where matt has to quote a verse from the bible, but he botches it (ala Army of Darkness) and unleashes chaos onto the world.

    working title could be “Matt Hazard: Priest of Payload and Penance”

    Twitter is

    either version will be fine

  21. I think that Matt Hazard and Duke Nukem need to team up in a game… no parody but just straight up ass-kicking. However for a parodic game I’d set him in the ‘Assasain’s Creed’ messing up templars with kickin weaponry. I call the Nukem Teamup, ‘Nukem & Hazard: I’m out of gum’ and the AC paradoy, Matt Hazard: The Unassassain Assassain’

    I’m\mirpkered on twitter.

  22. Enter me please 🙂
    twitter: @coyotezeye

    Matt should be in the next Grand Theft Auto

  23. Stuff it, might as well enter again since this is still open!

    After all those bullet wounds, karting accidents, water damage, electric shocks, zombie bites, laser injuries and shaving accidents, Matt has become quite the accomplished field surgeon. When the evil Doctor Never kidnaps all the city’s surgeons, only one man can perform the life-saving operations for all the city’s hospitals. Join Matt Hazard in his most medical adventure yet..

    ..wait for it..

    Trauma Centre: Health Hazard

  24. great review!

    i really was looking forward to this game, as it was supposed to be more of the 8 and 16-bit look. but then they went and put this thing out. #sigh

    oh well, keep up the great reviews!


    Haha it would be funny to see make fun of Call of Duty with the “OH GOSH, ONE BULLET AND I’M DEAD!” haha it’s a good game but multiplayer it’s sometimes stressin’ and funny, one bullet and you’re dead

  26. He should be in a Mortal Kombat game, where he’ll use his weapons against the martial artists. The flamethrower would be merely be one of his many finishing kills.

    I can only use an Xbox code.


  27. I should be Super Mario!!!

    He would just bust in, mess up both Mario and Bowser and kick princess Peach out the castle and take all the coins

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