Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment Announces F.E.A.R. 3

Woooooooo F.E.A.R 3 has been announced and this time Warner Bros. is not holding back, they’ve enlisted the John Carpenter and Steven Niles to make sure you really wet, and spoil your pants this time around. There is an official press release after the break click on the link just below to read all about it.  It looks like this time you and a friend can experience all the horror together wit...

Dark Void Zero flies onto the iphone and PC

Dark Void may not have been a blockbuster hit in the reviews when it was released in January.  However Dark Void Zero which was an 8-bit spin off of the game, was released for the DS a few months ago, and has received much better reviews and popularity over it’s more advanced counterpart. Originally only planned for release on the DS, Dark Void Zero now has a release date set for being relea...

Prince of Persia : The Forgotten Sands – Gameplay Trailer

Prince of Persia : The Forgotten Sands - Gameplay Trailer

Team Fortress 2 – Law Abiding Engineer

Team Fortress 2 - Law Abiding Engineer

PopCap Announces Celebrity Bejeweled … If You Smellllalalla What the ROCK … Is Cooking !!!


POPCAP have announced the Celebrity version of Bejeweled … prepared to be STAR STRUCK !! Check out the press release below and check out the website for more details.   Seattle, Ireland – April 1, 2010 — PopCap Games, maker of some of the world’s most popular video games, today announced a new celebrity edition of its flagship franchise Bejeweled®. Available only in a limited edition retail ...

Batman Arkham Asylum Review By Community Member: Andrenekoi

The Capsule Computers community is growing each and everyday.  More and more members are starting to become more active and contributing to the site in many ways.  To show our appreciation Capsule Computers will start posting reviews that are written by our members in our Forum here on the main page for everyone to see & read. Today we have our Capsule Computers 8-bit Warrior for the month of ...

Darksiders coming to PC in June

Darksiders coming to PC in June

Mass Effect 2 on sale on Amazon

Mass Effect 2 on sale on Amazon

Breach coming to PC 6 weeks after XBLA

Breach coming to PC 6 weeks after XBLA

2K Games Announces August 27, 2010 Street Date for Mafia® II

2K Games have released information on MAFIA 2.  A game that I personally CANT WAIT to get my hands on as I finished and LOVED the original one.  It’s been a very long time coming but now we finally have a date !! Get your PRE-ORDERS IN NOW !! 😉 Read the official Press release below and check out THE SEXAY Box Covers for all 3 formats :  **note these box covers are for the Australian releases...

Get Flirty and Dirty playing games

IGN have posted an article about the new website GameCrush, it’s a pay to play with chicks site.  Interesting concept I think, but the question is, would you pay $8.25 USD to play with a girl online. The concept is simple.  Browse the girls online – send them an invite to play and if they accept you get 6-10 minutes of play time one on one!  The girls then get paid.  Checking out the G...

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