Battlefield: Bad Company 2 Review



Battlefield: Bad Company 2
Publisher: EA
Developer: DICE
Platforms: Xbox 360 (Reviewed), PlayStation 3, PC
Release Date: March 2nd, 2010


Russia and the USA are at war with each other and Russia intends to use a secret weapon of mass destruction. The USA of course is trying to stop the Russians and for that they use their “Bad Company”.

In BF: BC1 the “Bad Company” were a bunch of misfits and renegades who only cared about themselves and the gold, most of the time they were joking around and didn’t really care about the mission, but in BF:BC2 they seem to have somehow evolved into a some sort of special force unit. Cracking jokes on how this sort of evolution developed, this scene below explains it a little more :

[pro-player width=’530′ height=’253′ type=’video’][/pro-player]

It’s obvious that they’re making fun of Modern Warfare 2 and there are several scenes like that, but all in all the humor, especially the joking between Haggard and Sweetwater, isn’t as outstanding as it was in BF:BC1.


Single Player:

The game starts with a mission taking place in the 2nd World War before it changes the setting to present day. What follows is a single player campaign consisting of 13 missions, which is not very long, though. You can play through it in about 5-7 hours. There are jungle, desert, snow and town levels. A great idea is the “Snowblind” level where you have to go down a mountain and work your way through it from cottage to cottage so you wont freeze to death. This one is quite a challenge. And again referring to Modern Warfare 2 with the quotation: “Snowmobiles are for sissies”.

There is a nice variety of missions and vehicles that you can access, one awesome mission at the beginning has you sniping your enemies to clear a way for your  comrades.  There are lots of vehicles you can drive. Tanks are always fun, in one mission you fly a helicopter – but unfortunatly its not for very long though- jeeps of course, and also motor cycles.

The developers made excessive use of smoke and particle effects than makes the whole experience very realistic but I believe they overdid it a little bit for it gets annoying after a while when you’re constantly struggling to see your opponents.

The environment is as destroyable as in the first game, which is a lot of fun.

There are also collectable weapons on each level and you have to find M-Com Stations which you have to explode. Some of the latter are hidden very well and I didn’t  manage to find all of them without the help of the internet.



Compared to the first game there are two new multiplayer modes. The first one is called “Squad Rush” which is a smaller and tighter verson of the original Rush game mode. Two squads are battling over bases consisting only of a single M-COM Station (in BF:BC1 those were the crates) while in the original one you have two M-COMs. The second new mode is the “Squad Deathmatch”. Four squads are fighting against each other in close-quarter battle. The first squad to reach 50 kills emerges victorious from the battlefield. In each battle there is an Infantry Fighting Vehicle which can be conquered and used and of course helps the squad who manages that.

“Conquest Mode” which basically is capturing and controlling flags. If a team captures and controles a flag they can respawn in this area as long as they hold it and are able to use the vehicles stationed there. So this of course is the key to victory.

The last mode is “Rush or Conquest” which is a battle with 24 players on either a Rush or a Conquest.

You have the choice between hardcore mode and normal. In hardcore mode you have less health, weapons and hud elements and do more damage. So it’s only for the very brave 😉 .

The Limited Edition comes with a VIP code which gives the player access to additional free downloadable content e.g. such as the Laguna Alta Map (Conquest Mode) and the Nelson Bay Map (Rush mode)


The original BF:BC1 theme is no more as replaced with a new one, personally I prefered the original theme to this new one.  Sound effects when something expoldes etc sound very realistic I had to turn down the surround sound system several times so my colleagues wouldn’t complain about my office room war 😉 .

Achievements (Xbox360):

There are 50 achievements some of which come very easy. For each finished campaign mission you get 15 points no matter what difficulty you complete them on. There only is one special achievement for finishing the last mission (“Airborne”) on hard and that is not too difficult to get for the mission is not very long. This is an easy 50 points, and you can do it after you played through the game on a lower difficulty level once. There are achievements for destroying the satellite uplinks (M-Com Stations) and as I said that’s a little bit tricky but with the help of the internet you should be able to manage to do it. Then there are the obvious “50 kills with sniper rifles” etc achievements which also are worth 15 points each.

All in all there are 31 campaign and 19 online achievements and I guess it is a lot of fun trying to get all of them.


BF:BC2 is a decent firts person shooter with multiple destroyable environments and lots of smoke and particle effects. You can drive several vehicles though not as much as the original Battlefield. The campaign is not too long but it is a lot of fun playing through it though I found the difficulty not really challenging, but I have to say I only played the last mission on hard for the achievement (yes I admit it I’m a gamerscore addict 😉 ). The multiplayer should provide you with many hours of online gaming fun since you have to put some effort into reaching the next rank. It’s not that easy.



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