Christopher Adams

My gaming experience ranges from the old school starcraft, diablo, baulders Gate era to the modern MMo scene. I am a fan of RTS games currently enjoying Hon and LOL regularly. Having lost a year of my life to frozen throne main tanking for section Eight of bone chewer during it's highlight period, yes I went alliance for a while though Horde at heart always. Don't judge me before understanding we had litch king down in april ... and I needed my achievements!!! but that was another life, one filled with rolling polygonal graphics, with daily quests as necessary as a junkies next quick fix, the desire, no the NEED to complete all the warsong gulch quests. A breath of relief after drudging up so many meals skipped and so much sleep lot reaching 2400 pvp raiting. This should be the Wow players motto. An oath to be chanted, the sworn dedication of the mmorpg player. These days are much more lax I plug away at starcraft II quests and dabble in RTS games. I am critical of game mechanics, I come from a time when left clicking for movement and right clicking for an attack were the basic player mastery set. Advanced players had BINDS (so advanced to include holding shift for their clicks so as to access their utilititary abilities). These days entire gaming keyboards a must, look at the logitech G series line the latest of which having 54 G keys for macros alone. No more are the days of cleaning out the mouse wheels with an alcohol swab no, no we have products from razer and steel series to blow our dpi beyond what we as normal humans can possibly handle. I MEAN CMON my razor lachasis has 5600 dpi ... how can a gamer do anything involving precision with that cranked up. Yet we all feel the need to own it, and so would judge a new mouse on not being able to complete the same high end tasks. Such is the life of a PC gaming enthusiast ... there are two sides of this isle though, as there seems to be with all great debates. Mine is much simpler than most Rp Vs. Pvp and I am a Pvp player who Loves, Loves, Loves to power game. --Pax

League of Legends Review – PC Review

Game name – League of Legends Platforms -PC (eventually Mac) Publisher/Developer – Riot games Genres – RTS, MOBA Release Date – October 27, 2009 ESRB -Teen Price – Free Id like to take a moment in this. my inaugural review, to chat about the RTS (real time strategy) or MOBA (Multiplayer Online Battle Arena) scene. For many years now we nerds have logged into DotA (Def...

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