Angry Birds Review


Do you like birds? Do you hate pigs? Well if so then you will be just as angry as the angry birds in this Iphone game. Iphone game developer Click Gamer and Rovio have developed a catapult launching game involving not the throwing of rocks, but the throwing of birds. And these aren’t just any birds, they are Angry Birds

Not much in the way of story, however there is some storyline to go along with the game this time around. There is a kingdom of pigs that have been living next to a family of different birds and for a long time they have coincided in peace. However the pigs grew tired of only eating grass and saw the birds’ eggs as a delicious alternative. While the birds are distracted the pigs take the eggs and plan to eat them. The birds are quite angry against the offending pigs and will destroy them with the only means they have, their own bodies.

The graphics are very cartoony but that works perfectly fine. Each level is designed slightly different and there is a large amount of levels. There are also plenty of different birds and obstacles that will get in your way and each of these as well looks cartoonish. Though I could hardly picture it any other way.

Gameplay is quite simple. You have a slingshot, a variety of birds, and a number of pigs that must be destroyed to move on. However this is not always so simple, as there are many barriers constructed to impede your path and protect the pigs from your onslaught.

These barriers consist of everything from simple ice blocks which are easily broken, to steel girders that take a large force to even tip over, let alone smash. There is also the occasional environmental item which can assist in some form, such as a boulder or a box of TNT sitting near a pig

You start with a certain amount of birds with various abilities and colors. Some of these abilities range from your standard bird that is launched normally. Mostly every bird has a secondary attack which is far more powerful than their primary launch.

A few of these types are the blue bird, who is smaller than the standard bird, but can split into three birds in mid flight and assault the barriers protecting the pigs. Another type is a black bird that is quite large, allowing it to smash through stone and other obstacles, but that is only a small part of its potential. And that potential is a high explosive capable of clearing large pieces of defense in one launch.

After finishing a level, you are given points based on if any of the birds have not been shot out of the slingshot, and these points are combined into a final score for that level. This score is then given 1-3 stars and are given the ability to post your score on leaderboards, allowing you to compare your score with everyone else who plays the game.

One negative I have found though is that there is no ability to skip a level. It can be very frustrating on some levels where you can try twenty times and not make any progress. Though there is always a way to get past the level, it would be more interesting for them to use the stars to unlock levels. Such as getting 3 stars would unlock 2 levels instead of just the next level.


Overall I truly enjoy this game because of it’s cartoonish graphics and enjoyability. Though there may be some frustrating levels, there is always a way to get past them. Either a slight adjustment to launch height, or a lucky fall but there is always a way to advance and there are tons of levels to play through.

I give Angry Birds for the Iphone a slingshotted 8-0-capsules-out-of-10

After playing games since a young age and getting into anime a bit later on its been time to write about a little bit of everything.

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