Alan Wake – “The Signal” DLC Review


Game Name: Alan Wake – The Signal DLC
Platforms: Xbox 360
Publisher(s): Microsoft Game Studios
Developer(s): Remedy Entertainment
Genre(s): Action
Release Date: 7/27/2010
ESRB Rating: T (Teen) Blood Language Use of Alcohol and Tobacco Violence
Price: 560MSP ($7 USD) // Free for anyone who bought a New Copy of Alan Wake
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If you purchased a new copy of Alan Wake, don’t forget to check your game case for a token card to download this first Add-on for free.

“The Signal” DLC picks up where the game left off. An inability to give away any spoilers prevents me from going any more in-depth than that. Simply put, if you thought that was the ending of the game you were extremely mistaken. If you have beaten the game you will understand what I am about to talk about a lot better than those who haven’t even played the game.

In the DLC you will delve deep into Alan’s Subconscious and battle the dark forces that are still trying to gain strength. Alan is lost within his own mind and the risk of losing it, but luckily Thomas Zane is there to help you. Since you are within Alan’s Subconscious the boundaries of reality are able to be pushed and truly create a psychological experience. Alan Wake is a game that is heavily based in the story aspect, and this addition to the story is a great experience.

There aren’t technically any new gameplay mechanics since it is just a continuation of the story within the game. A few of the newer elements that were introduced at the end of chapter six are implemented a lot more in this new chapter. Since this is technically counted as the seventh chapter, it is considered to be harder than the sixth chapter. Since there is an added difficulty to this chapter there are a huge amount of enemies to dispatch of. There is also a boss battle at the end which is quite interesting, but you will have to check him out for yourself.

There aren’t any new areas to explore in the chapter however, since the entire chapter is built off of your memories. You will regularly switch locations as your train of thought shifts, but the actual locations are based off of places you have already been. While this keeps you from seeing anything new, you do explore new locations in those areas and get around differently. Memories throughout the chapter will reveal even more backstory as you progress through the levels.

The achievements in “The Signal” DLC fall extremely closely to the rest of the achievements in Alan Wake. There are 10 alarm clocks and 6 cardboard cutouts to get as you explore the chapter. The other 6 achievements require you to do miscellaneous tasks throughout the chapter. Most of them aren’t hard at all; “Run-On sentence” may take a few tries and I’d Suggest Saving all your Flare Gun ammo for the “Fast and Furious” Achievement.

The Achievement List is:


  • A Friend in Need25 Special 1: Find someone to help you.
  • A Friend Indeed50 Special 1: Follow the signal to its conclusion.
  • Fast and Furious25 Special 1: Make it through the final battle in less than 1 minute and 30 seconds.
  • Words Will Never Harm You25 Special 1: Trigger all of the furnaces in the basement.
  • Run-On Sentence50 Special 1: Complete the episode without reloading the game or restarting a checkpoint.
  • License Revoked20 Special 1: Complete the episode without using a single vehicle.
  • Tick Tock30 Special 1: Discover 10 hidden alarm clocks.
  • Cardboard Companions25 Special 1: Discover all of the cardboard standees.


“The Signal” DLC is a great addition to the Alan Wake World. This mind blowing DLC truly creates a psychological setting which is both mind blowing and humorous at the same time. The DLC is a nice extension to Alan Wake that is only a little shorter than the other chapters. There are a lot more enemies, and the chapter even uses of a few mechanics that were only barely used right at the end of chapter six. Certain moments in this DLC actually made me wish I could turn my light off for the first time. “The Signal” DLC is a nice addition that is cheap and even free for everyone who bought Alan Wake new. Relive the fun you had during Alan Wake with this additional chapter that delves into Alan’s subconscious.
I give Alan Wake’s “The Signal” DLC

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